Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Latest Kinky Pony Girl update

KinkyPonyGirl dropped me a line the other day and sent me her new batch of photos and some kinky text to go with them….I think I’m going to ask for a pony tail butt plug for Xmas….anyway I digress:

"With business efficiency, I’m trussed and packaged, like an animal, ready for transportation to my new perverted owner. Why was I sold? Where is my new home? What domination awaits? So many questions, but all of little consequence as the fierce delivery man Sebastian Wood heartlessly inspects me in preparation for my journey; hooves, stockings, collar, harness, corset, tail, Check! All present and correct. I rattle my steel bars and stomp my heavy hooves as I’m chained to the tow truck, but there is no escape from my leather tether inside the cage. Helpless, I tremble with fear as I consider my fate so why, with all this stress and uncertainty did I feel so hot and strangely warm between the legs? "

Kinky Pony Girl Kinky Pony Girl Kinky Pony Girl Kinky Pony Girl Kinky Pony Girl

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