Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Jezebelle Bond gets hooked...

Once Jezebelle is fully secured with some very nifty shibari, her Master firmly inserts a pussy hook to make sure she can't wriggle off it.  Don't worry - there aren't any sharp edges to the hook - it's all pure pleasure....must remember to ask Dr Philthy to buy one for my Christmas present...check out the rest of Jezebelle's photo set to see her trussed and helpless wearing nothing more than fully fashioned stockings and a PVC basque - lovely!!

Jezebelle Bond gets hooked

Friday, 10 July 2009

Nice and open....

Mmmmm....wide open asshole and a great position to get fucked in!

Gapping Asshole @ Teenpink

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It's been a while....

I bet you all thought that I'd forgotten about you....I hadn't.  I've just had heaps on my plate and a few things had to give.  But now I'm back with more time on my hands so I can start posting again.  Kicking off with some short video clips of some slave training...I won't leave it so long next time!!

Cott'n Candy being slave trained Cott'n Candy being slave trained