Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Jezebelle Bond gets hooked...

The luscious and very helpless Jezebelle gets trussed like a chicken with some excellent shibari - that's Japanese rope work to you.  As she lays there, unable to move, her Master inserts a pussy hook and secures that to the rest of her restraints.....do I detect a grin of pleasure in Photo 2?  Click anywhere on Jezebelle's pics to see the rest of her excellent bondage photo set...those shoes are to die for!!

Jezebelle Bond gets hooked
Jezebelle Bond gets hooked

Monday, 28 December 2009

English MILF's nylon covered posterior....

For those of you who LOVE nylon, pantyhose, stockings and a curvy woman wearing and filling them – look no further….English MILF is the woman for you…..

English MILF's nylon clad posterior

Girl/ Girl dildo action…

….with a bit of shibari thrown in for good measure.  Click on the screen captures for a couple of short but sweet vid clips….

Girl/girl shibari dildo action Girl/girl shibari dildo action

Friday, 25 December 2009

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday….

….and a kink filled 2010.  Just a quickie to thank everyone who’s visited this blog over 2009 and everyone who’s mailed, suggested and followed – you may a Kinkywebmistress very happy.  I’m taking a few days off to be with family but you can be rest assured that I’ll be back with even more kinkiness for you very soon – have a Cool Yule y’all xxxx

Xmas Greetings from Kinkywebmistress

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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Jade38H in a collar

I love this photo of Jade38H – the suggestion of a padlocked collar sends me into a kinky flutter….I want one for Christmas NOW!!

Sisters in Nylon Bondage

Wow – these girls love their nylon – pantyhose with fully fashioned seamed stockings over the top of those with see through panties to finish off the ensemble! Loving the killah heels….

Bondage Sister gets restrained Katie wearing nylon over nylon

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Regina gets roped and spanked

I don’t know what would hurt more – having your nipple spanked or having an elaborate tattoo all the way round it….now that’s REALLY got to hurt!!  Click on Regina’s pics for more spankingly good pics!

Regina gets roped and spanked Regina gets roped and spanked Regina gets roped and spanked

Monday, 14 December 2009

Need to visit an optician....

For no other reason than finding this funny, I’ve posted this clip of Frederic Vonhof in a humorous little vid!

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RubberDoll in latex kilt....

Couldn’t resist posting RubberDoll in a latex kilt for two reasons – hugely cute ass and I love kilts….and latex.  OK , that’s three reasons! Click on RD’s pics for more of the same….

RubberDoll in Latex Kilt

RubberDoll in Latex Kilt

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